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MyCover Store provides Premium Car Cover in the US... MoreA. Cheap prices with the best quality products. Exclusive 50% Off Sale Using ""s10"" for extra discount 1. Reflective aluminum cover material with PEVA coating 2. UV-reflective-silver aluminum 3. 60 seconds to install the cover on the vehicle 4. 6 Layers Car Cover 5. 5-year Warranty 6. Driver Door Zipper 7. Extremely durable against hot and sunny climates 8. Custom-fit is 100% guaranteed 9. Triple stitched mirror pockets 10. Hassle-free returns 11. 100% Free Shipping 12. Protection against bird poop and tree sap. 13. An elastic front and rear rubber bands and 3 FREE wind protectors keep the cover extremely fit on the vehicle Order & Choose your Premium Car Cover here: Less
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