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After several bad experiences with … After having several bad encounters with professional webmasters concerning theme forest and the arvada-theme my last and only approach to solve the problem was to start a support ticket to theme forest. I did not trust my eyes, as I got prompt answer from an extremely kind and professional expert. We needed several loops but the professional encouraged me to stay as long as we solved the issue. And we did it! Thank you very much. 5 stars and more. Antonia Maria Albanese, Germany

Bangalore Team

I had been using Themeforests services … I have been using Themeforests services for a while with other people and teams, and after my most recent independent experience I know I'm going to be a repeat customer myself. Due to some issues with my hosting provider and a time constraint from my team I was unable to fully utilize a style We had purchased previously. Thankfully, a representative from Themeforest was very understanding, and helped find me a solution which benefited everyone. This experience has demonstrated this companies level of professionalism to me and has secured my trust and loyalty as a customer.